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TSN Launches Online Diagnostic and Curriculum Planning Tool

Details: Written by Benjamin Atkinson |

The Skills Network (TSN) is excited to announce the launch of the first subject specific ‘Online Diagnostic and Curriculum Planning Tool’ of its kind to support the further education sector.

This new technology has been developed following updates to Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF) in September 2019, with increased level of scrutiny in the ability for providers to conduct and evidence starting point assessments of learners.

Learning providers now need to have clear methods that identify learner’s prior knowledge, skills, behaviours, and career goals – before they start their course. This insight should then be used to create more personalised curriculum plans for learners’ courses and ensure a ‘high quality of education’.

Working with curriculum experts and using our learning technology platform EQUAL, we have designed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that will transform the way providers can capture knowledge on their learner’s prior knowledge and create individualised curriculum plans.

The ‘Online Diagnostic and Curriculum Planning Tool’ will allow any provider to analyse their learners’ starting points, auto-personalise curriculum plans for their courses using AI, and maximise overall development and progression opportunities.

This new tool enables learning providers to:

  • Use online questions / assessments to capture data on each learner’s prior learning, strengths and knowledge gaps before they start their course
  • Auto-create personalised curriculum plans for learners including:
    • Highlighting sections of the course that learners need to dedicate more time to
    • Suggesting ‘stretch and challenge’ activities where high prior knowledge is present
    • Providing suggestions of new personalised learning content (including relevant work-based scenarios)
    • Creating individualised SMART developmental targets for your learners
    • Providing data for tutors and support staff so they can provide tailored support
    • Structuring learners’ study time more productively based on their prior knowledge.

We believe the tool will see time efficiencies, accuracy, and a consistency of quality for providers using it across the sector. 

Chris Jones, former Ofsted HMI and Specialist Adviser for Further Education and Skills, said:This piece of technology is a game changer for the sector. Providers need clear methods to identify learners’ prior knowledge, skills, and behaviours – before they begin their course. This insight must then be used to create more personalised curriculum plans and ensure a ‘high quality of education’ for each learner. Some current practices may pose a risk if providers do not change their approach. From what I can see, this technology could transform the way in which providers adopt their approach to a learner’s starting point.”


James Earl, Executive Director at The Skills Network, stated: “We’re delighted to launch this product to the sector. One thing we’re passionate about is innovating learning and delivery and we believe with this tool we can help to create a benchmark of quality, efficiency, and best-in-class process. It is products like this one that continues our journey to become recognised as one of the most collaborative and creative providers of learning technology.”


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