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National Numeracy Day

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

Today we’re celebrating National Numeracy Day at The Skills Network, an event all about numbers and how they’re used in everyday life!

Celebrated on 18th May, National Numeracy Day offers a great opportunity for anyone to boost their number confidence and skills at work, home or school, with this year’s celebrations involving events including The Big Number Natter, the Number Heroes Competition and a UK wide Number Roll with Times Table Rock Stars.

With Government statistics suggesting that 17 million adults – 49% of the working-age population of England – have the numeracy level that we expect of primary school children, recent Government announcements of Multiply funding is now offering vital resources for upskilling in numeracy skills across the country and we at The Skills Network are excited to support this initiative!

Working collaboratively, here at The Skills Network we create an innovative and bespoke learning solution that’s focused on providing our learners with practical skills, knowledge and qualifications for meaningful progression throughout a career.

The role of numeracy skills is critical for a successful life, allowing individuals to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies for their everyday activities.

Find out more about National Numeracy Day here.

If you would like to find out more or discuss how The Skills Network can support your Multiply plans you can contact us here.