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Are you a College, Training Provider or ACL service? We’ve got you covered.

Details: Written by Kelly Worsnop |

Platform + Online Resources + Assessors = Results

With 2021/22 well underway, now more than ever it’s critical that you have the best system and online resources in place to support your learners.

The Skills Network is a leading provider of distance learning and technology in the UK, offering a range of products and services to organisations just like yours to ensure you and your learners have access to:

✓ A powerful, intuitive online platform with an integrated learner management system

By utilising our award-winning, cloud-based platform (EQUAL), your learners will have simple access to their online learning content, alongside innovative functionality including a Learner Forum, Virtual Learning Classroom, and E-Calendar.

Via EQUAL, your learners will receive transparent, constructive development feedback, with an area for qualified assessors to mark and feedback on learners’ work.

✓ Engaging Functional Skills and qualification online resources

Our interactive English and maths e-learning content includes practice assessments, challenging activities and reflective learning to enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills needed to prepare to sit an external exam with your chosen awarding body.

Your learners may access an individualised curriculum plan, created by bespoke online Diagnostic and Curriculum Planning Tool to maximise their learning development.

With online English and maths resources available from Entry Level up to Level 2, our online functional skills content will equip learners with a detailed, subject-specific understanding of their topic, including core modules that will aid employability and confidence in key skills.

Also available is a full suite of accredited qualification resources so you can expand your online curriculum to help upskill those who’d prefer a more flexible method of learning.

✓ Assessors available to maximise your delivery potential

Our team of qualified and experienced assessors can help you expand the range of online courses and qualifications offered within your curriculum, enable you to increase your learner recruitment capacity and not turn learners away due to limited delivery capacity, and ensure you always have enough assessors available to provide marked feedback to learners via a quality-assured, cost-effective, low-risk model.

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