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Celebrating Global Intergenerational Week

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

This week we celebrated Global Intergenerational Week at The Skills Network, a campaign connecting everyone who is passionate about everything intergenerational.

What is Global Intergenerational Week?

Global Intergenerational Week is an awareness week used to inspire individuals, groups, organisations, local/national government and non-profit organisations around the world to celebrate equal opportunities of intergenerational groups, connecting people of all ages and especially the younger and older generations.

At The Skills Network, we’re passionate about creating inclusive and equal learning opportunities for all. With our recently launched report The Generational Divide exploring intergenerational learning opportunities, we know how important this cause really is!

What is The Generational Divide?

The Generational Divide is a report offering a look into intergenerational learning preferences, recognising the individuality of a learning experience and exploring learning through the ages.

Our research, which was conducted across four main generational groups (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z), reveals the difference in generational learning and how age needs to be considered in the delivery of training and education, to create the most accessible and inclusive learning opportunities for all people.

Our new intergenerational insight provides a resource offering knowledge and direction for organisations around the world to begin upskilling their workforce through more inclusive methods supporting all individuals to gain access to learning that suits them best!

The report also reveals:

  • The good and the bad of digital learning
  • The power of flexibility in education
  • The role of social media in learning

Find out more about how your generation learns and download The Generational Divide here.

Read more about Global Intergenerational Week here.