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How Learning Management Systems Can Enhance Skills Training

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

Introducing Steven Goldberg- Customer Success Manager at The Skills Network

Here at The Skills Network, people are our superpower!

As one of the UK’s largest providers of online learning and education technology, we like to look ahead. What is clear to us here at The Skills Network, is that cloud-based learning management systems (LMS) are here to stay. With nearly every e-learning program across multiple sectors being powered by an LMS, we know that innovative technology is at the heart of delivering successful e-learning content. But what is a learning management system? How can learning management systems be beneficial for your business? How can our own LMS called EQUAL benefit those working in the education sector? We asked our Customer Success Manager Steven to clue us up!

Let’s hear it Steven!

Knock knock – Good I have your attention!

Hello everyone, I’m Steven and I am the Customer Success Manager here at The Skills Network. What do I do you may be thinking? I lead the Customer Success Team.

What does the Customer Success Team do?

Equal LMS demo

I am very lucky to have an amazing team working with me. They are superstars who have all been working here for over a year. As a team, we look after all our external tenancy holders. We integrate our customers onto our LMS called EQUAL via online training and look after their queries and development needs.

EQUAL is our very own award-winning e-learning portal. It simplifies the online learning process, enhances learner engagement, promotes collaboration, and provides valuable insight for our users to improve training and educational initiatives.

We always start with creating an EQUAL tenancy for a client via our web support team and then we arrange training directly with the client and this will cover any or all of the following areas:

  • Site admin
  • Tutors
  • Moderators
  • Course authoring

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The Customer Success team also work very closely with The Skills Network's Business Development team, supporting them when meeting new clients, offering our tech support and generally anything the sales team might require in order to ensure our clients are getting the best service and support using EQUAL.

We also support our Web Team with continuous improvement testing on EQUAL for all the wonderful updates we have.

Lastly, I also sit in the Product Working Group, where we look at our products and how we can improve these. I am also at the beck and call of anyone else that requires my help!

What was your experience prior to working at The Skills Network?

Champagne bottle, bubbling champagne flutes and VIP sign

Well, I have come from working my whole life prior to being at The Skills Network within the hospitality and events industry.

I started in my father’s catering business washing the pots and pans, then over time growing to run the bars and then the events themselves. In fact, I met my wife at one of the events I was catering for, and she was my client!

I have been very fortunate to work at some of the most prestigious sporting events from Champions League Football, Six Nations Rugby, Wimbledon (I saw the longest game in Wimbledon history take place) and International Cricket (I saw England win the Ashes!) Every racecourse in Yorkshire and both Farnborough and Paris Air show.

I found the role at The Skills Network through a good colleague's mum's Facebook page, where she had posted the hiring ad, to which I applied for.

I remember the interview day so clearly, it was July and heavy rain and also it was also dressed down Friday in the office. The role was slightly different to what I thought, but even better, as it was what I really wanted.

That was 5 years ago!

What makes The Skills Network's e-learning platform so unique?

EQUAL stood at the top of a podium in first position

It’s a one-stop shop!

It is an LMS platform that has maintained its fundamental relevance years after its initial inception. We mould it to work how we need it to, ensuring that it always evolves and meets the needs of our diverse customer base.

For learners, they get incredible interactive courses, for any admin users, they can run amazing reports in real-time, tutors can work wherever they want and not have to have any paperwork with them, the same for moderators, and when an External Verifier (EV) doesn’t have to go on-site, it’s a win-win for our clients.

When training our users on EQUAL, it’s great to see how excited and equally daunted they feel, as it's such a huge platform. We know that when our new tenancy holders are confident using the tool, we stop hearing from them!

Has technology helped you in your role as Customer Success Manager?

laptop on a sandy beach with smiley crab

Absolutely. Since COVID I have been more home-based, as generally, I spend a lot of my day in Microsoft Teams meetings with clients, so rather than fighting for a meeting room and sitting in traffic, I can have my own space with no distractions (apart from my fish tank!)

Really, I could work from anywhere if I have my laptop and mobile phone, that’s what I love, no paper cluttering my desk, just tech helping me work better and smarter.

a smiley face appearing out on an envelope

What do you enjoy about your role as Customer Success Manager?

I love meeting our new and existing clients and working with them to make sure they are getting the best out of EQUAL. Helping them with their queries and getting a “thank you it’s all working”, is the best news I hear!

Getting emails from clients to hear they have had great customer service from my team is simply amazing and I want us to stand out within this industry to have the best customer service and support team.

swimming goggles and children's inflatable armbands

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

My time is taken up with my family as they are the most important aspect of my life, my adoring wife Sophie, stepson Dion, teenage daughter Daliya and son Albie. Although, Leeds United and Leeds Rhinos are up there too!

Weekends revolve around Albie, taking him to his swimming lessons on Saturday is great fun as I get to swim with him! Playing football with him on Sunday and then generally spending time at Harewood House, it’s like our second home we are there so often!

When we get time, we also love entertaining and introducing our friends to new and exciting cocktails, I also (when I have time) produce my own gin!

Thanks for sharing Steven.

If any of your celeb pals need an LMS, be sure to put in a good word for The Skills Network, won't you? 😁


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