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Celebrating Lifelong Learning Week 2023

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

Lifelong Learning Week with The Skills Network

The Lifelong Learning Week is a week-long event that is celebrated annually around the country. Its mission is to highlight all the benefits of learning, celebrate the achievements of adults who have transformed their lives through learning, and encourage everyone to embrace lifelong learning. As we celebrate this week, we have been catching up with our learners, discovering the amazing ways they have transformed their lives through learning something new…

When is Lifelong Learning Week 2023?

Monday 6 November – Friday 10 November 2023

Not only is Lifelong Learning Week dedicated to championing the achievements of our incredible adult learners, but it is also an opportunity to encourage policymakers and decision-makers in local communities to embrace skills development.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, The Skills Network is ready to help kick-start your lifelong learning journey.

With a choice of fully funded Level 2 qualifications with certificates and 12-14 week government-funded Skills Bootcamps, there is a lifelong learning course for everyone.

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Lifelong Learning Definition

What is Lifelong Learning?

According to the European Commission, lifelong learning is defined as an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

It is important for an individual's competitiveness and employability, but also enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development.

The importance of lifelong learning is on the rise due to an increased life expectancy and a rapidly evolving economic and societal landscape. Individuals and employees are having to become more adaptable and develop a broader range of skill sets than ever before.

Despite its transformative benefits, lifelong learning has witnessed a decline over the past 10 years, with significant disparities and inequalities in access to education based on age, socioeconomic status, geographical location and prior educational achievements.

According to the Learning and Work Institute, since 2010, the adult learning participation rate has dropped by 10%. That is equivalent to 3.8 million fewer adults taking part in learning since 2010.

In direct response to the dramatic decline in adult learning participation, the Lifelong Learning Bill will be introduced in 2025 to help adults access loans worth up to £37,000 to fund university or college-level education.

The downside to the Lifelong Learning Bill? Well, like any loan, you have to pay that back.

The Skills Network want to change all of that.

With the Skills Network, Adults can access a range of free online courses at no cost. No repayments. Nothing.

We are incredibly lucky to listen to some of our learner’s incredible transformation stories after completing their studies with us.

One of those learners was Christina.

Here is Christina’s story:

“Last year, following a difficult period in my personal life, I was scrolling through my phone when I spotted an advert for a free Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention course from The Skills Network. I felt compelled to look into this because I wanted to learn more about it and following my own experiences I hoped there might be tools I could call on for myself.

“As a single mother to three children, it was empowering to find a learning solution that worked for me and the course has not only improved my confidence, but I have since secured employment.

“My employer was really impressed that I had taken the initiative to do this course and it has helped me personally. Now I know how to spot when people are feeling this way and what to do or say in certain situations.

“Personally, since completing the course my confidence has soared and I’ve taken up running! I used to feel that if you didn't do well at school then that was your lot in life but now I realise that I can study anything I desire, no matter my age or past experience. I also learnt that I'm really good at studying and learning!”

Christina continues...

“If I could send a message to any other adult learners looking to invest the time into studying I would say take the course! It's free and you will gain so much knowledge, understanding, empathy and power from it - also new opportunities will open up.

“If I had the opportunity to do this course again I would, it was great for me and I have been telling everyone I meet about these courses!”

Christina, age 41

Level 2 Certificate in Self-harm and Suicide Awareness and Prevention

We know the incredible impact lifelong learning can make, and Christina’s special story is just one of many.

That is why The Skills Network’s is committed to ….

  • Delivering funded skills training opportunities to adults
  • Making learning accessible to all with our cloud-based Learning Management Technology
  • Anticipating trends in learning behaviours and participation
  • Conducting market-leading research reports
  • Encouraging individuals and businesses to embrace the transformative power of learning for life

So, whether you’re an individual or a business, discover the power of lifelong learning today.

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