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6 Things to Achieve this Summer

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

Do you have FOSH? Fear of the Summer Holidays.

The average parent hears, 'I'm bored', and 'Can I watch TV?' more than 400 times during the summer holidays. (1)

As the bell rings on another school year this week, The Skills Network is here to help shake things up with some fun activities to help you achieve this summer, without breaking the bank.

Now we know what you’re thinking…

We get it, everybody needs to reboot after weeks of homework, deadlines & early mornings. But the summer holidays can sometimes drag and leave you feeling like you’ve wasted valuable time. Research has revealed that the 9th August is a ‘peak holiday hump’, just 3 weeks into the summer holidays, activities have often been exhausted and inspiration can wane. (2)

By planning some easily achievable goals this summer, you’ll boost your ‘feel good factor’ and make some unforgettable memories.

Why not try one (or all six if you really like) of the below achievements?

  1. Become a star baker!
  2. Okay, so you might not get the Paul Hollywood handshake anytime soon, but why not choose a different theme each week and bake something with a friend? How about your favourite book or film? Bruce Bogtrotter cake anyone?

  3. Walk Wales
  4. No really - you can do it! The middle of Wales is only 40 miles wide!

    We all know how good physical exercise can be for our wellbeing, but sometimes it can feel like a chore. Based on the 6 week holidays, if you walked 1 mile per day (just 2,000 steps), you could walk the width of Wales.

    Now that would be something to be proud of!

  5. Watch all of The Office
  6. Never heard of Wernham Hogg Paper Company before? You soon will. Whilst we don’t condone slobbing out on the sofa for your ENTIRE summer, sometimes you just can’t beat a binge watch.

  7. Maîtriser les bases d’une autre langue
  8. Translation = Master the basics of another language. If you’re braving the airports and going abroad this summer, why not try learning some handy phrases to help get you by. Not all achievements have to be big. Sangria anyone?

  9. Grow your own lunch
  10. With sustainability being dubbed the fourth functional skill, why not try growing some of your own veg this summer? There has been a 142% increase in the demand for “green” knowledge in employment over the last five years. Go green and become a sustainability champion in your household.

  11. Level up with one of our FREE courses!
  12. Yes, that’s right, FREE courses. Told you it wouldn’t break the bank! The Skills Network has loads of AEB funded courses available for you to achieve a new qualification or skill this summer. We offer an extensive range of distance learning courses across multiple levels and subject areas, so you’re bound to find something relevant for you.

    Check out our website here to learn more about AEB funded courses today. Alternatively, our courses start from as little as £30, so you can learn a new skill in as little as 1-2 hours, direct from your sun lounger.

With a bit of luck and hopefully only minor persuasion, the above ideas have inspired you to get achieving this summer- whether it be big or small. From all of us here at The Skills Network, enjoy your well-deserved summer break!

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