CPD Substance Misuse Awareness

This substance misuse CPD training aims to give your employees the knowledge needed to understand the causes and effects of substance misuse, perceptions of substance misuse and the laws surrounding drugs.

Section 1: Different substances and drugs

In this section, your employees will learn about different substances and drugs, including how they can be categorised, common names used for each drug and the methods people use to take them and the effects they experience as a result.

Section 2: Why people take drugs and the laws surrounding drugs

In this section, your employees will learn more about why people choose to take drugs, including factors from their background and lifestyle. They will also learn about the classification of drugs and laws surrounding drugs, including the penalty and punishment people face for becoming involved with drugs.

Section 3: The effects of substance misuse

This section will explore the effects that drugs can have on different aspects of a person’s life, including their health, finances, personal safety and social life. Your employees will also cover the dangers of using substances, including the risks and desired effects associated with different substances, and the effect substance misuse has on society as a whole.

Section 4: Perceptions of substance misuse

In this section, your employees will look at different stereotypes associated with substance misuse and how perceptions of drugs can be influenced by the media. They will also cover useful sources that can be used to find the extent of substance misuse and different ways that substance misuse can be responded to.

The benefits of this course include:

  • Employees can learn from their own home, in their own time
  • Employees get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials through this substance misuse CPD training.
  • Key Information

    Course Price £30.00
    Course Length 4 hours
    Learning Method(s)

    Online learning
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    online assessment

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