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We are passionate about supporting our partners’ investment in the long-term development of their employees and enabling businesses to realise a more committed and upskilled workforce with considerably improved training cost efficiencies.

With our suite of accredited business, leadership and management qualifications and distance learning delivery model, we provide organisations with CPD certified short courses, accredited level 2 and level 3 qualifications, sector-specific vocational programmes and Apprenticeships.

Our portfolio of leadership and management courses, including courses accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), are designed to improve learners’ understanding of core leadership and management principles, motivating staff, team leading, and organising and delegating workloads.

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Lisa Fox

Business and Programme Development Manager at Square Orange

“I find EQUAL incredibly straightforward and easy to use. Even with just a little bit of training, we can easily find our way around the system. From a learner’s point of view and the front end of the system it is very interactive and is a great modern way of learning.”

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Click to see our short courses

We have short courses too!

Our bespoke collection of CPD certified short courses are designed to support organisations with their training and development.

These courses can quickly equip staff with fundamental knowledge and are ideal for staff inductions, or they can support a wider change management initiative.

These courses can be purchased in bundles and provide an ideal collection of qualifications that can support existing internal training. Courses can be hosted in our intelligent, award-winning LMS ‘EQUAL’, which can help employers engage learners with competitively priced online learning resources.

Our course portfolio is geared to support learners to advance their careers and improve key vocational skills. Many of our courses are tiered to give learners the ideal progression path.

Below are some examples of how we can help learners progress their careers:

understanding leadership cpd business management courses online

Understanding Leadership CPD

leading and motivating a team business management courses online

Leading and Motivating a Team CPD

team leading business management courses online

Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading

leadership and management business management courses online

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management

business partner 1 business management courses online
business partner 2 business management courses online
business partner 3 business management courses online
business partner 4 business management courses online
business partner 5 business management courses online
business partner 6 business management courses online
business partner 7 business management courses online

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Hayley MacDiarmid
Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading

“I think it’s amazing to be honest. It helps you stay focused because you’re having to think all the time about how you’re using the information. At work, I’m thinking about how the conflict is being dealt with. I’m thinking about how we’re using our different roles and how we can benefit together, how we’re communicating. I’m treating people differently. I’m expecting them to treat me differently as well. “