CPD Introduction to First Aid – Zone 4

Would any of your learners benefit from completing an online first aid training course?

This course aims to provide your learners with the knowledge they need to understand the key areas of first aid. It will enable your learners to increase their own safety and that of others, both in the workplace and in other everyday environments.

Upon completion of this online first aid training course, your learners could progress on to one of our other first aid courses.

Section 1: Head injuries

This section covers what a head injury entails, the signs and symptoms of a head injury, the AVPU scale and treatment for head injuries.

Section 2: Severe allergic reaction

In this section, your learners will learn about what an allergic reaction is, the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and how to treat a casualty for an allergic reaction.

Section 3: Strokes

This section covers the different types and causes of strokes, how to treat a casualty suffering a stroke and the appropriate first aid response for a stroke.

Section 4: Unconscious casualty

In this section, your learners will cover what unconsciousness is, how to open a casualty’s airway and check breathing, and how to place someone in the recovery position.

Section 5: Resuscitation

This section covers CPR, including how to carry it out, how to perform hands-only CPR and how to carry out CPR on children and babies. Your learners will also gain an understanding of legal protection for first-aiders.

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