CPD Induction Essentials

This Induction Essentials course will help your learners to learn the induction process. This course includes five sections, which cover rights and responsibilities, manual handling, health and safety, fire safety and DSE risk assessment.

Within this Induction Essentials course, learners will explore the following:

Section 1: Rights and responsibilities

In this section your learners will cover the rights and responsibilities in the workplace, including employment legislation, data protection law and help inside and outside of the workplace.

Section 2: Health and safety in the workplace

Within this section your learners will learn about health and safety in the workplace. This includes common hazards and causes of accidents and ill health, actions to take when someone is hurt and arrangements for first aid.

Section 3: Fire safety principles

In this section your learners will learn about the fire safety principles. They will cover the fire triangle, hazardous products of combustion and hazards during and after fires. They will also learn about means of escape and responsibilities of the Fire Safety Officer.

Section 4: DSE risk assessment

This section will cover DSE risk assessments, outlining the reasons for conducting DSE risk assessments and the legislation surrounding them. Your learners will look at the needs of the individual employee, causes of ill health from DSE and the stages of a DSE risk assessment.

Section 5: Manual handling safety at work

In this section your learners will look at manual handling safety at work. They will cover the hazards and risks in manual handling work, and the principles of safe movement for manual handling both individually and as part of a team.

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