Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Tired of searching for appropriate dyslexia courses? UK and international learners can study this course to gain an understanding of specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). They will learn about the range and characteristics of each learning difficulty or disorder, the importance of seeking a formal diagnosis of specific learning difficulties, how support for individuals can be provided in different settings and how attitudes, legislation and services related to specific learning difficulties have changed over time.

Unit 1: Understand specific learning difficulties

In this unit your learners will learn about what is meant by specific learning difficulties. They will research the characteristics of different difficulties and co-occurring conditions, and gain an understanding of common misconceptions and the importance of recognising that a specific learning difficulty is a lifelong condition. They will also learn about the term ‘neurodiverse’ in relation to specific learning difficulties.

Unit 2: Understand the effects of specific learning difficulties

This unit will cover how specific learning difficulties affect an individual’s life and those of others. Your learners will gain an understanding of how the attitudes of others can impact the individual and identify the internal and external factors that may affect an individual with specific learning difficulties as well as strengths and barriers an individual may experience and how this can impact them.

Unit 3: Understand the diagnosis of specific learning difficulties

In this unit your learners will understand the importance of gaining an early diagnosis of a learning difficulty and the impact of delayed diagnosis or no diagnosis. They will also investigate the diagnosis process for different age ranges and the professionals involved.

Unit 4: Understanding supporting individuals with specific learning difficulties

In this unit your learners will understand how to support an individual with a specific learning difficulty in different settings and different coping strategies and assistive technology that can be used to support an individual. They will also understand the roles of professionals in providing support.

Unit 5: Understand the context of specific learning difficulties

In this unit your learners will understand how attitudes, legislation and services have evolved over time to support individuals with specific learning difficulties. They will learn how national Special Educational Needs legislation and policy is implemented locally.

Upon completion of one of our dyslexia courses, UK and international learners could progress on to the following:

Key Information

Course Length 129 hours
Awarding Body TQUK
Learning Method(s)

Paper based
learning materials
with online assessment

Paper based
learning materials and
paper based assessment

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