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Level 1 Safeguarding Awareness

Course Overview

The safeguarding of adults and children is an increasingly fundamental practice and policy for any business or individual. The six principles of safeguarding help individuals respond to safeguarding risks in an appropriate and ideally unintrusive manner. Roles such as a designated safeguarding lead (DSL) are becoming increasingly popular to help ensure safeguarding is being practised.

This Level 1 safeguarding course is aimed at anybody who wants to expand their knowledge of safeguarding. The course will provide a general understanding and in-depth knowledge of the power and legalities of safeguarding, and the impact it can have on society. Learners should be able to understand how someone can be affected by safeguarding (or a lack thereof) and why it has become such a powerful tool. Understand how to assist individuals and businesses when it comes to awareness of safeguarding.

Key Information

Course Length
10 hours

Course Level
Level 1

Awarding Body
Skills and Education Group

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

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Unit 1: Safeguarding Awareness

Section 1: Understand what the term ‘safeguarding’ means

Upon completion of this section, learners will be able to:

  • State what is meant by the term safeguarding
  • Explain the purpose of safeguarding
  • Identify who is responsible for safeguarding.

Section 2: Understand the key legislation relating to safeguarding

Upon completion of this section, learners will be able to:

  • List two key pieces of legislation
  • Explain the purpose of the legislation identified
  • Give an example of how their school, college or workplace could implement the legislation identified.

Section 3: Be aware of different forms of abuse

Upon completion of this section, learners will be able to:

  • List four different forms of abuse
  • Give an example of where abuse can take place
  • List three different signs of abuse or neglect.

Section 4: Know how to report safeguarding issues

Upon completion of this section, learners will be able to:

  • Locate who to report any safeguarding concerns to in their school, college or workplace
  • Explain how to report any safeguarding concerns.

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