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CPD Introduction to First Aid Zone 4 (CPD Certified)

Course Overview

With demand for qualified first aiders in workplaces around the country, first aid training courses are a vital resource for all businesses. So whether you are an employer looking for basic first aid training for staff, or an individual looking for first aid training online for personal or professional reasons, this online first aid course is for you.

Our CPD certified Introduction to First Aid - Zone 4 course is one of four short courses that will provide the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to provide basic first aid for a range of injuries and illnesses, and potentially save lives. This course includes subjects such as head injuries, severe allergic reactions, strokes, unconsciousness, resuscitation, and more.

Key Information

Course Length
4 hours

Course Level
Level CPD

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

For Individuals


  • Automatic enrolment with an immediate start
  • Fully online course
  • Study from anywhere, at any time
  • Perfect for an introduction or refresher in a subject
  • A great addition to a CV
  • Receive a digital e-certificate upon completion
  • Nationally recognised
  • Official CPD certified course
  • Access to an award-winning e-learning platform
  • No hidden costs

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Section 1: Head Injuries

Develop knowledge on what a head injury entails, the signs and symptoms of a minor head injury, the signs and symptoms of a serious head injury, and the appropriate treatment for head injuries.

Section 2: Severe Allergic Reaction

Learn what an allergic reaction is, what a severe allergic reaction is, the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction, and how to treat an individual for an allergic reaction.

Section 3: Strokes

Discover the different types of strokes, the causes of strokes, how to treat a casualty suffering from a stroke and the appropriate first aid response for a stroke.

Section 4: Unconscious casualty

Find out what unconsciousness is, how to check if an individual is breathing, how to open someone’s airway, how to place someone in the recovery position, and the importance of the recovery position.

Section 5: Resuscitation

Learn how to carry out CPR, how to carry out hands only CPR and the importance of carrying out CPR correctly. Also learn how to carry out CPR for children of different ages, and gain an understanding of the legal protection for first-aiders.

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