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CPD Health and Exercise Bundle

Course Overview

Learn key skills in health and exercise with our Health and Exercise CPD bundle. Whether you are an employer looking for staff training, or an individual looking to upskill, our courses in health and exercise are for you.

Discover the principles of healthy eating, exercise and fitness and weight management in our most popular CPD bundle, providing expert training for those interested in fitness, health and exercise.

Key Information

Course Length
12 hours

Course Levels
Level CPD
Level CPD
Level CPD

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

For Individuals


  • Automatic enrolment with an immediate start
  • Fully online course
  • Study from anywhere, at any time
  • Perfect for an introduction or refresher in a subject
  • A great addition to a CV
  • Receive a digital e-certificate upon completion
  • Nationally recognised
  • Official CPD certified course
  • Access to an award-winning e-learning platform
  • No hidden costs

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Explore the Principles of Healthy Eating CPD

Section 1: Diet and health

Explore the meaning of a diet, what a healthy diet is and how to have a balanced diet. This covers topics such as, energy and its sources, lifestyle diseases and obesity.

Section 2: Components of a healthy diet

Identify food groups and develop an understanding of a balanced diet and how to keep the body healthy.

Section 3: Nutrients and their role in maintaining health

Explore nutrients, fluids and fibre and develop an understanding of the importance of maintaining good health.

Section 4: Healthy food preparation

Learn the key elements of food preparation and planning a healthy meal.

Section 5: Food safety awareness

Discover the principles of food safety practices, personal hygiene, cleaning and contamination.

Understand the Principles of Exercise and Fitness CPD

Section 1: Exercise

Learn the role that exercise plays in maintaining general health and well-being, the types of activities that can improve health and fitness and why exercise is needed.

Section 2: Nutrition

Explore the nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet and how nutrition affects health and fitness.

Section 3: Anatomy and physiology

Discover the different systems in the human body, including the different terms associated with each system, as well as the effects that exercise has on these systems.

Principles of Weight Management CPD

Section 1: The risks associated with ineffective weight management

Learn terms relating to ineffective weight management, recognise health risks associated with obesity and emaciation and learn about the signs of malnourishment.

Section 2: How body image may influence weight management

Develop an understanding of the term ‘body image’ and explore the portrayal of body image in the media and its effect on weight management.

Section 3: Effective methods of weight management

Discover the key elements to a balanced diet and the meaning of the term ‘energy balance’. Explore weight management programmes, lifestyle choices and the common myths about weight loss.

Section 4: Planning a short weight management programme

Learn how to plan weight loss programmes, identify goals and collect information.

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