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At The Skills Network (TSN) we believe that all of our learners, staff and employers deserve the best Apprenticeship service that can be offered.

We define the ‘best’ as:

  • A collaborative and responsive approach to engaging with our employers
  • Co-creating the highest quality apprenticeship delivery plans through our ‘Curriculum Scoping’ exercise
  • Delivering curriculum to support Apprentices in gaining new knowledge, skills and behaviours which will add significant value to the organisation’s overall performance and growth
  • Implementing an exciting, ambitious and innovative apprenticeship delivery model known as ‘The TSN Way’ (for more information on this model, see below)
  • Delivering high quality, personalised and challenging teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) which will rapidly enhance Apprentices’ progress and progression
  • Having a genuine commitment to high quality and responsive customer service to ensure all stakeholders receive an exceptional experience

With skills shortages in the UK, the economy is reliant on training providers like ours to reduce those skills gaps and enable businesses to stay ahead of competitors, respond to their customer needs and create new job opportunities. As a result our Apprenticeship offer is nationwide to ensure we contribute to the demand and skill shortages within our sectors of expertise.

The TSN Way

‘The TSN Way’ outlines our modern and ambitious approach to delivering Apprenticeships and defines our relentless commitment for the delivery of outstanding performance and professional standards. From initial engagement with our employer partners right through to Apprentices’ progression and destination interview, ‘The TSN Way’ ensures that each Apprentice experiences an exceptional learning journey and that their development significantly adds value to our employer’s performance and output.

For further information please contact The Skills Network's Head of Apprenticeships, Josh Hill by calling 01757 210022 or emailing josh.hill@theskillsnetwork.com


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