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AAT Q2022

All you need to know about AAT Q2022

What does AAT Q2022 mean?

In September 2022, AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) will be launching new accounting and bookkeeping qualifications (Q2022) as well as withdrawing/updating/transferring some units/courses where possible. Please see the below tables for Subject, Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and Exam duration changes.

  • Key dates:
  • 31st August 2022: Last day for entry under AQ16
  • 1st September 2022: All registrations will be open for Q2022
  • 30th September 2023: Last assessment date for AQ16

What are the changes between AQ16 and Q2022?

Level 2:

There are now four units for the AAT Level 2 course.

  • Using Accounting Software has been removed as part of Q2022
  • Learners will need to pass a Level 2 Synoptic in Business Environment that will take over from Working Effectively in Finance

Level 2

Transitional fees: £50

New AAT Lifetime membership fees: £172

Course lengths: 52 weeks


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Introduction to Bookkeeping 65 90
Principles of Bookkeeping controls 50 90
Principles of Costing 50 90
Business Environment Level 2 Synoptic 90 90
Total: 255 465


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Bookkeeping Transactions 60 90
Bookkeeping Controls 45 90
Elements of Costing 45 90
Using Accounting Software 45 135
Working Effectively in Finance 45 90
Total: 240 600

Level 3:

There are four units for the AAT Level 3 course.

  • Advanced Bookkeeping and Final Accounts Prep will be put into one unit
  • Financial Accounting – Q2022
  • A unit has been added for Business Awareness that includes Ethics
  • Management Accounting Techniques will include spreadsheets in the unit
  • No synoptic assessment under the Level 3 course

Level 3

Transitional fees: £75

New AAT Lifetime membership fees: £225

Course lengths: 52 weeks


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Business Awarness 70 150
Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements 150 150
Management Accounting techniques 120 150
Tax Processes for Business 60 90
AVSY (Apprenctices only) 180
Total: 400 720


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Advanced Bookkeeping 90 120
Final Accounts Preparation 60 120
Management Accounting: Costing 80 150
Indirect Tax 60 90
AVSY: Ethics for Accountants Spreadsheets for Accounting 100 180
Total: 390 660

Level 4:

There are three units under AAT Level 4 that are now compulsory.

  • Management Accounting: Budgeting & Decision & Controls are now one unit under Applied Management Accounting for Q2022
  • No synoptic
  • Accounting Systems & Controls (part of PDSY for AQ16) will be a solo unit, Internal Accounting Systems & Controls
  • No changes to optional units

Level 4

Transitional fees: £100

New AAT Lifetime membership fees: £240

Course lengths: 78 weeks


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Drafting & Interpretation of Financial Statements 90 150
Applied Management Accounting 120 180
Internal Accounting Systems & Controls 60 150
Total: 270 660


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Business Tax 60 120
Personal Tax 60 120
Audit & Assurance 60 150
Cash & Financial Management 60 120
Cash & Debt Management 60 120
Total: 300 630


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Financial Statements & Limited Companies 90 150
Management Accounting: Budgeting 60 150
Management Accounting: Decision & Control 90 150
PDSY Accounting Systems & Control 60 180
Total: 300 630


Subject GLH Exam Duration
Business Tax 60 120
Personal Tax 60 150
External Audit 60 120
Cash & treasury Management 60 150
Credit Management 60 150
Total: 300 690

Transitioning rules (what are they?)

Whilst we recommend staying on the AQ16 until completion, you can transfer over to Q2022 mid-way through the AQ16 qualification, but please be aware:

Not all units can transfer, so despite successfully completing them you will lose them.

Of the transferable units, the percentage will be directly transferred to the equivelant Q2022 assessment. However, for combined units, only one percentage result can transfer to the Q2022 assessment.

AAT membership will no longer be a part of Q2022 as you will need to pay an up-front fee per level. There is unfortunately no allowance for students who transfer over from AQ16 mid-way through their membership.

What will happen with my AAT membership?

If your membership is up for renewal whilst on the AQ16 qualification, you will need to renew it normally. Otherwise, you risk your membership expiring and you won’t be able to sit the exams.

When you start a new level on the 2022 qualification, you will find annual membership no longer exists. Instead, there will be an upfront fee for each specific level which gives you membership for the duration whilst studying for that level.

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What does this mean for students and learners?

As mentioned, we recommend completing your AQ16 qualifications. If you are mid-way through your AQ16 when Q2022 comes in on the 1st September 2022 you can transfer over. (Please see transition rules above for more info.)