Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management

Are you looking for UK leadership and management training courses for your employees? This qualification is designed to provide your employees with thorough knowledge of the key methods used to organise, manage and motivate work teams. They will learn key skills relating to inductions, stress management and discipline within the workplace. This qualification will equip your employees with the knowledge needed to work as a successful manager or effective leader, and is ideal if they want to enter, or progress into a role within their career.

Please note: this course requires your employees to be working within a managerial or team leader job role.


Initial deposit: £54.90

Monthly payments: £70.59

Payment duration: 7 months

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No hidden costs – certificates, resources, support and more included

Employees can learn from their own home, in their own time

One to one Tutor support available via phone or email

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Unit 1: Solving problems and making decisions

This unit introduces your employees to ways they can recognise, investigate and analyse problems and resolve them using various techniques such as creative thinking or brainstorming. They will also learn the difference between data and information and how to interpret these sources.

Unit 2: Planning and allocating work

In this unit your employees will identify organisational targets relevant to their team, and learn how to set objectives, allocate work and monitor planned activity to achieve those targets.

Unit 3: Understanding conflict management in the workplace

In this unit your employees will learn about possible causes of conflict in the workplace and how conflict can affect individual and team performance. They will also consider techniques which could be used to minimise and resolve issues in the workplace and how to promote positivity as a manager.

Unit 4: Understanding stress management in the workplace

This unit will enable your employees to understand how to recognise the symptoms of stress in themselves and in others. They will examine the causes and impact of stress in an organisation and learn about stress management techniques and what actions should be taken to minimise stress in the workplace.

Unit 5: Understanding discipline in the workplace

In this unit your employees will learn about the legal aspects of the disciplinary process and how to deal with issues, using an organisation’s policies and procedures as a guide. They will also develop their understanding of the purpose of disciplinary procedures and identify the skills needed as a manager to monitor discipline in the workplace.

Unit 6: Understanding the induction of new staff in the workplace

In this unit your employees will learn about the importance of an effective induction for new starters and legal aspects which should be included in the induction process. They will also learn methods which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of an induction and how to monitor progress during an induction.

Unit 7: Understanding performance management

This unit will enable your employees to gain an understanding of formal and informal performance assessment in the workplace, including fair and objective assessment techniques and how to set objectives and monitor performance against agreed standards.

Unit 8: Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace

In this unit your employees will gain an understanding of how to effectively use their team’s individual knowledge and skills to efficiently plan and achieve objectives. They will learn techniques which can be used to delegate, identify and overcome barriers to delegation and will also focus on the benefits of empowerment in the workplace.

Unit 9: Leading and motivating a team effectively

This unit will equip your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate an organisation’s vision and strategy to their team and to motivate team members, establishing a common sense of purpose and commitment, and developing teamwork.

Unit 10: Understanding leadership

In this unit your employees will consider the positive and negative effects of different leadership styles within the workplace. They will also assess their own leadership behaviours and potential by analysing themselves in context and gaining feedback.

The benefits of completing this course include:

  • Employees will achieve a nationally recognised level 3 qualification
  • Employees can learn from their own home, in their own time
  • Employees get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials
  • Employees will receive subject specialist support from a Tutor and access to a Learner Support Advisor for everyday queries
  • Work saves automatically to ensure it's never lost

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