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Celebrating National Careers Week - Top Ten Interview Tips!

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

National Careers Week is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources across the UK and to celebrate, here at The Skills Network we’ve pulled together some top tips on how best to tackle your next interview and become the strongest candidate in the room.

Top Tip 1: First take a breath!

Try to stay calm and take a sip of water, give yourself a couple of minutes to relax, because you have got this!

Top Tip 2: Do your research!

If you have attended a workshop at The Skills Network, you will know research is key. Make sure you’ve memorised the core values of the business you have applied for; this shows you care about the role.

Top Tip 3: Dress to Impress!

It’s important to ensure your first impression is a lasting impression so dress smart and appropriately for the role you are applying for.

Top Tip 4: Plan your travel!

No one likes to be kept waiting, so show you're punctual and arrive 10 minutes early. Check your route and set off in good time to keep you covered in case of delays.

Top tip 5: Listen closely and take your time to answer!

Listen to the questions your interviewer asks, if you are unsure what a question means, clarify and make sure you take a moment before answering to keep your thoughts clear.

Top Tip 6: Be Precise!

Make sure you give detailed answers, preparing some answers to predictable questions beforehand is a good move.

Top Tip 7: Re-fresh your memory!

Remind yourself before your interview of what your skill set is, why you are perfect for this role and what your strengths are, it can be easy to forget this whilst under pressure.

Top Tip 8: Stay positive and be yourself!

Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm and personality, you’re made for this role!

Top Tip 9: Make sure you know your C.V!

Look over your C.V and remind yourself of your experience, what hobbies and interests did you put on? This can help with ‘tell me about yourself’ questions.

Top Tip 10: Reflect and learn!

Once the interview is over, reflect on how you think it went, what went right or wrong? This way you can improve next time!

For more careers advice check out the National Careers Service here.