The Wellness Programme

Unlike other wellness courses, this programme looks in detail at all aspects of the human body, including how we move, respond, think and live, and how this can be affected by our own lifestyle choices. Learners will explore the essential elements needed to fuel our bodies in order to begin or maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Unit 1: Nutrition and health

Within this unit, your employees will explore how diet affects health and the components of a healthy diet. They will also consider ways in which healthy food can be prepared safely.

Unit 2: Exercise studies

This unit allows your employees to discover the principles and benefits of exercise and learn to plan safe ways of exercising.

Unit 3: Mental health awareness

In this final unit, your employees will explore three common mental health conditions: stress, anxiety and depression. They will consider how these conditions can affect an individual and those around them, and explore ways in which they can be managed.

Unit 4: Care and Management of Diabetes

In this unit, your employees will be introduced to diabetes, including its different forms and causes. They will also explore how diet, exercise and lifestyle can affect Type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of studying wellness courses:

You will see improved staff retention.

Employees can learn from their own homes, in their own time.

Employees get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials.

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