Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol misuse costs England around £21 billion in healthcare and crime every year. This cost varies from young people who overindulge on a night out and end up in hospital, to older people who are alcohol dependent or alcoholics.

Have you ever thought about how you could make a difference? Well, this course is designed to help raise awareness around alcohol misuse.

Our auto-marked course helps you understand the key dangers surrounding alcohol and how to avoid putting yourself or others at risk.

  • Place of study: Learn from home
  • Type of course: Online distance learning course with no exams
  • Course duration: An average of 3 hours.

Full customer service support will be provided throughout the course.

Course Online Sample

Online Sample

This course is split into manageable sections. These are:

Section 1: Alcohol unit strengths

Section 2: Alcohol misuse

Section 3: Effects of alcohol misuse

Section 4: Health issues

Section 5: Withdrawing from alcohol

Section 6: Help and information



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