Health and Exercise CPD Bundle

Here at The Skills Network we are always striving to make learning with us as easy as possible. Our Health and Exercise bundle combines three of our most popular CPD courses in one package. It includes all the same benefits as our individual courses, but with the added bonus of being less hassle than purchasing and enrolling on each course separately.

Explore the Principles of Health Eating CPD

Section 1: Diet and health

In this section, your employees will understand the meaning of the word diet, what a healthy diet is and how to have a balanced diet. This covers topics such as, energy and its sources, lifestyle diseases and obesity and salts.

Section 2: Components of a healthy diet

Within this section, your employees will be able to identify different food groups, understand a balanced diet and how to keep the body healthy.

Section 3: Nutrients and their role in maintaining health

This section covers the importance of nutrients, fluids and fibre, and your employees will understand their role in maintaining good health.

Section 4: Healthy food preparation

This section covers the key elements of food preparation and planning a healthy meal.

Section 5: Food safety awareness

In this section, your employees will be introduced to food safety, personal hygiene, cleaning and contamination.

Understand the Principles of Exercise and Fitness CPD

Section 1: Exercise

In this section, your employees will learn about the important role exercise plays in maintaining general health and well-being, the types of activities that can improve health and fitness and why exercise is needed.

Section 2: Nutrition

Within this section, your employees will cover the nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet and how nutrition affects health and fitness.

Section 3: Anatomy and physiology

This section covers the different systems in the human body, including the different terms associated with each system, as well as the effects that exercise has on these systems.

Principles of Weight Management CPD

Section 1: The risks associated with ineffective weight management

In this section, your employees will learn about terms relating to ineffective weight management, recognise health risks associated with obesity and emaciation and learn about the signs of malnourishment.

Section 2: How body image may influence weight management

Within this section, your employees will understand the meaning of the term ‘body image’ and cover media portrayal of body image and its effect on weight management.

Section 3: Effective methods of weight management

This section covers the role of a balanced diet and the meaning of the term ‘energy balance’. Your employees will also cover weight management programmes, lifestyle choices and the common myths about weight loss.

Section 4: Planning a short weight management programme

In this section, your employees will learn how to plan their own programmes, identify goals and collect information.

The benefits of this CPD bundle include:

  • Employees can learn from their own home, in their own time
  • Employees get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials
  • Hassle-free process.
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