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As a direct contract holder with the Education and Skills Funding Agency and a tried and tested partner, we fully understand the requirements of compliant project delivery and online corporate training.

Our Partnerships Team lead the way in developing and nurturing partner relationships; whether that is scoping the requirements of a new partner, encouraging monthly review meetings against targets with existing partners or discussing desired additions to our portfolio, we all work together to achieve excellent outcomes for all of our learners.

Benefits of subcontracting with The Skills Network

  • We ensure that our learner find is strategic and in line with your organisation’s aims.
  • We pride ourselves on our innovative delivery model which includes learner support, quality Tutor feedback and personal choice of learning method.
  • We impose, and encourage partners to impose, strict quality measures on all areas of the process, allowing the flexibility of externally verifying learners remotely.
  • We organise face to face review meetings monthly and send weekly progress reports against the project’s targets.
  • We agree minimum achievement rates at the beginning of a project and strive to improve them.
  • Our Learner Management System, EQUAL, allows learners, managers and Tutors to use the same system for learning, reporting, tracking and assessing.
  • Partners are also able to access the system and view a learner’s progress in real-time.

50,209 learners

We have trained over 50,209 learners since 2014.


We have delivered over £22,164,232 of training since 2014.

91% achievement rate

We have an overall achievement rate of 91%.