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Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism

Are your learners interested in health and social care training courses? Our Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism is designed for learners who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of autism. Successful completion of this qualification will allow learners to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of autism, which would support progression onto appropriate qualifications and into employment in the health and social care sector.

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification. However, learners may find it helpful if they've already achieved a level 2 qualification in, for example, learning support, social care or healthcare.

Unit 1: Autism in context

In this unit, employees will cover the historical context of autism, the diagnosis and characteristics of autism, the legislative framework applicable to autism, and how autism is represented in society.

Unit 2: Positive behavioural support for individuals with autism

This unit covers behaviour within the context of autism and how to promote an autism-friendly environment. You learners will also learn about how to promote individual positive behavioural support and the interventions that are used in behavioural support.

Unit 3: Understand support and management of transitions for individuals with autism

In this unit, your learners will learn about how transitions can affect people with autism, how to support young people with autism to make the transition into adulthood, and how to support individuals with autism into employment.

Unit 4: Therapeutic interventions and support available for individuals with autism and co-occurring conditions

This unit covers the range of therapeutic interventions available to individuals with autism. You learners will also learn about the services available to individuals with autism and their families, and co-occurring conditions and their treatment.

Unit 5: Communication and social interaction with individuals with autism

In this unit, your learners will learn about the differences in social interactions and communications associated with autism, how communication can be adapted to support positive interactions and communication with individuals with autism, and a range of strategies and aids used to support communication and social interaction for individuals with autism.

Unit 6: Safeguarding and resilience in autism

In the final unit of this course, your learners will learn how to raise concerns about potential or actual harm, abuse or exploitation, how to support the health, safety and well-being of individuals, how the legislative framework safeguards children, young people and adults with autism, and about how and when restrictive practices might be used within legal guidelines.

Once your learners have completed one of our level 3 health and social care training courses, they could progress on to the following:

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Emmanuelle Plomion

1 month ago

"It was really good."

Emmanuelle decided to study this course to increase his understanding around autism, and since taking the course he believes he has learnt more about it.

'I chose to study this course so I could learn more about autism.'
'It definitely gave me more knowledge.'
'It was really good overall.'

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