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The Wellness Programme

Our online wellness courses will help your learners to improve their knowledge and understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle. This will be covered over four separate areas which are nutrition and health, exercise studies, mental health awareness and the care and management of diabetes.

This Wellness programme, from our suite of online wellness courses, covers:

Unit 1: Nutrition and Health

In this unit your learners will cover an introduction to the aspects of diet and health, before moving on to look at the components of a healthy diet, how to prepare healthy food and food safety awareness.

Unit 2: Exercise Studies

Within this unit your learners will learn about the principles of exercise, including how to plan a safe exercise session and safety considerations when exercising.

Unit 3: Mental health awareness

In this unit your learners will learn about stress, anxiety and depression. They will look at the signs and symptoms of these disorders and local sources of help and support that are available.

Unit 4: Understanding the care and management of diabetes

This unit will cover what diabetes is and the different forms and causes of diabetes. Learners will look at how diet, exercise and lifestyle affect Type 2 diabetes.

Key Information

Course Length 4 hours
Awarding Body NCFE
Learning Method(s)

Online learning
materials with
online assessment

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