Essentials: Self Development

This qualification is aimed at anyone seeking opportunities to help boost self-development, particularly academically in relation to revision, learning, critical thinking and developing long-term memory. The Essentials Study Programme is targeted towards colleges, with the understanding that learners will undertake selected sections of content and assessment in relevant areas to develop their skills for life and work.

Essentials: Self Development is split into two learning areas with a range of different sections:

Unit 1: Revision

In this unit, learners will explore how to set targets and organise study time, as well as how to revise effectively. Learners will also look at the different styles of referencing, how to write an effective essay, and how to critically analyse literature.

Sections in this unit:

  • Section 1: Understanding the demands of study and setting targets for study
  • Section 2: Effective revision techniques and practices
  • Section 3: Referencing styles
  • Section 4: Effective essay writing.

  • Unit 2: Learning

    In this unit, learners will explore different techniques for effective and meaningful learning, as well as developing an understanding of mindfulness. Learners will also learn critical thinking skills and look at activities to develop long-term memory.

    Sections included in this unit:

  • Section 1: Techniques for effective learning
  • Section 2: Critical thinking
  • Section 3: Long-term memory development
  • The benefits of this course include:

  • Access engaging online content focused on the personal development, behaviour and attitudes of learners
  • Use as a flipped learning model to ensure tutors spend more time ob higher order, applied, contextualised learning to develop ‘depth’
  • Auto-assessed questions – no need for tutor marking
  • Auto-certification – personalise your students certificate
  • Huge cost savings on standard tutorial delivery.
  • Track, monitor and evidence student work
  • Support learners develop a breadth of knowledge for their future career and life
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