First Aid Programme

Would any of your learners benefit from completing a first aid course?

This first aid course aims to provide your learners with the knowledge they need to understand the key areas of first aid. It will enable your learners to increase their own safety and that of others, both in the workplace and in other everyday environments.

Zone 1

This zone covers the role of a first-aider, how to approach different incidents and manage an emergency, basic patient assessment skills used by first-aiders, and minor injuries such as cuts, burns and scalds.

Zone 2

In this zone, your learners will learn about asthma; bone, muscle and joint injuries; shock; and severe bleeding. They will learn about the signs and symptoms of each condition, as well as how to treat these conditions and injuries.

Zone 3

This zone covers choking in adults; chest pains, including heart attacks; and seizures. Your learners will learn about the signs of partially blocked and completely blocked airways and how to administer first aid to a casualty who is choking. They will look at how a heart attack occurs, the symptoms of a heart attack and the related first aid procedures. The symptoms of seizures will also be covered, along with the actions to take and what not to do if someone is having a seizure.

Zone 4

In this zone, your learners will look at head injuries, severe allergic reactions, strokes, unconscious casualties and resuscitation. They will learn about the signs and symptoms of, and treatments for, head injuries, severe allergic reactions and strokes, as well as how to deal with unconscious casualties and how to carry out CPR.

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