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CPD Fire Safety Principles

Would any of your learners benefit from completing some fire safety training?

This course will give your learners the knowledge they need to understand fire hazards and risks and how to effectively identify and control any hazards.

Upon completion of their fire safety training, your learners could progress on to one of our other courses, such as one of our health and safety courses.

Section 1: Fire hazards and risks

In this section, your learners will learn about how fires are caused in the workplace, the fire triangle, hazards during or after a fire and the characteristics of fire and smoke spread.

Section 2: Controlling fire risks

This section will build your learners’ knowledge of identifying and controlling fire hazards at work. You will also learn what is meant by the term 'means of escape' in relation to fire hazards and will look at typical components of this. The principles of extinguishing fires will be covered, along with the use of portable firefighting equipment and fixed firefighting systems.

Section 3: Fire safety management

On completing this section, your learners will understand the duties of employers and employees in relation to workplace fire safety, how to undertake a simple fire safety inspection and the stages of a fire risk assessment.

Section 4: The role of the Fire Warden

In this section, your learners will work towards an understanding of the role and function of the Fire Warden and the contents of a fire safety briefing.

Key Information

Course Length 2 hours
Awarding Body CPD
Learning Method(s)

Online learning
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online assessment

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