CPD Alcohol Awareness

This alcohol awareness training aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol use and the possible health issues surrounding its consumption, as well as where to seek help if needed.

Learners will make their way through several auto-marked assessment questions where they will be able to instantly receive feedback telling them whether they have correctly answered each question or if they need to try again.

On completion, learners will be able to download a certificate of achievement in Alcohol Awareness. Training such as this will encourage autonomous learning and allow learners to explore particular topics of interest by utilising the Further Reading and Research tasks. They will also be able to watch subject-specific videos highlighting key themes and will be encouraged by their Virtual Tutors to reflect on their learning throughout their alcohol awareness training.

Within this alcohol awareness training, learners will cover the following:

Section 1: Alcohol unit strengths

In this section, your learners will cover the unit strengths of different alcoholic drinks.

Section 2: Alcohol misuse

Your learners will identify the main reasons why people may misuse alcohol.

Section 3: Effects of alcohol misuse

In this section, your learners will discover some of the psychological and physical effects of alcohol misuse.

Section 4: Health issues

This section covers the ways in which alcohol misuse can impact on health, such as nutrition, the liver, the heart, mental health and sexual health.

Section 5: Withdrawing from alcohol

Your learners will develop their knowledge of the effects of withdrawing from alcohol.

Section 6: Help and information

In this section, your learners will cover the sources of help and information in relation to alcohol abuse.

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