Level 4 AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

This Professional Diploma in Accounting aims to equip your learners with the key financial skills modern businesses are currently looking for. They will develop their knowledge of managing budgets, controlling accounts and accounting systems and controls as well as the financial statements of limited companies.

This online AAT course is split into 10 units with Unit 10 being an additional revision unit for the synoptic assessment. Units 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10 are mandatory and your learners will then pick two additional units from the remaining five.


AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is the world’s leading professional body for accounting with over 130,000 members worldwide. Their qualifications are developed in consultation with employers and will equip you with the key financial skills modern businesses are currently looking for, plus they are the perfect starting point for a successful, rewarding career in accounting and finance.


Learners can study from their own home, in their own time

One to one Tutor support available via phone or email

Award-winning online AAT courses

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Within this Professional Diploma in Accounting, learners will study:

Unit 1: Management Accounting: Budgeting

In this unit, your learners will learn about how to prepare forecasts of income and expenditure, prepare budgets and demonstrate how budgeting can improve organisational performance. They will also learn about reporting budgetary information to management.

Unit 2: Management Accounting: Decision and Control

In this unit, your learners will learn about analysing a range of costing techniques to support the management accounting function of an organisation, calculating and using standard costing to improve performance, demonstrating a range of statistical techniques to analyse business information and using financial, non-financial and cost management techniques to aid decision making.

Unit 3: Financial Statements of Limited Companies

In this unit, your learners will understand reporting frameworks and ethical principles that underpin financial reporting, key features of a published set of financial statements, and how to draft statutory and consolidated financial statements and interpret financial statements using ratio analysis.

Unit 4: Business Tax

In this unit, your learners will learn how to complete tax returns for sole traders and limited companies, how to advise business clients on tax reliefs and prepare tax computations for the sale of capital assets.

Unit 5: Personal Tax

This unit will show your learners how to analyse the theories, principles and rules that underpin taxation systems, how to calculate a UK taxpayer’s total income, and how to calculate income tax and National Insurance contributions payable by a UK taxpayer. They will also learn how to account for capital gains tax and discuss the basics of inheritance tax.

Unit 6: External Auditing

In this unit, your learners will learn about the principles of auditing and the importance of professional ethics. They will also learn how to evaluate the audited entity’s system of internal control, audit procedures for obtaining audit evidence, the planning process and audit procedures.

Unit 7: Cash and treasury management

In this unit, your learners will learn how to use statistical techniques and financial information to prepare forecasts of cash receipts and payments, prepare cash budgets and monitor cash flows, evaluate the principles of cash management within the context of regulation and government monetary policies, ways of raising finance in accordance with organisation requirements and ways of investing surplus funds within organisational policies.

Unit 8: Credit Management

In this unit, your learners will learn how to analyse relevant legislation and contract law that has an impact on the credit control environment and information from a variety of sources to assess credit risk. They will also learn how to evaluate a range of techniques to collect debts, credit control in line with organisational policies and procedures and how to present advice and recommendations to management on the credit control system.

Unit 9: Accounting Systems and Controls (Synoptic unit)

In this synoptic unit, your learners will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the accounting function within an organisation. They will also look at how to evaluate internal control systems and an organisation’s accounting system and underpinning procedures. They will analyse recommendations made to improve an organisation’s accounting system.

Unit 10: Synoptic Assessment Preparation

The synoptic assessment will recap everything you have learnt in units 1, 2, 3 and 9.

The benefits of completing this accounting training online include:

  • Learners will achieve an internationally recognised AAT level 4 qualification
  • Learners can learn from their own home, in their own time
  • Learners get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials
  • Learners will receive subject specialist support from a Tutor and access to a Learner Support Advisor for everyday queries
  • Access to over 500 practice questions
  • Work saves automatically to ensure it's never lost
  • Free mock exams marked by a qualified Tutor
  • Award-winning online AAT courses
  • Learners could go on to become a chartered and certified accountant

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Mark Hindmarch

1 year ago

"Really easy, simple – they are on hand to sort all of your exams."

I was working in Retail, and decided I wanted a career change. I really enjoyed cashing-up, banking and the financial side of things so I thought Accountancy and AAT would be a great fit.
I can take my time and learn at my own pace. Once I passed my exams, I could see what I studied and what I now know pays off in your work – I feel I’ve really benefited from the experience.
With AAT I know I could progress with tasks at work and move forward. Really easy, simple – they are on hand to sort all of your exams.

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