CPD Discipline in the Workplace

In the UK, leadership skills are highly regarded by a range of employers in a range of different sectors. This course aims to give your learners the knowledge needed to understand discipline in the workplace, including tribunals and grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Learners will make their way through several auto-marked assessment questions where they will be able to instantly receive feedback telling them whether they have correctly answered the question or if they need to try again.

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to download a certificate of achievement in Discipline in the Workplace. Regardless of where a learner is based in the UK, leadership skills will prove beneficial to them when pursuing a career after they finish their education.

Section 1: Organisational policies relating to discipline in the workplace

This section will introduce your learners to the policies and procedures relating to discipline in the workplace, including employment tribunals, grievance procedures and disciplinary procedures.

Section 2: Monitoring discipline in the workplace

In this section, your learners will cover how to monitor discipline in the workplace, including the purpose of disciplinary procedure, and the interpersonal behaviour and support skills required by a manager to monitor discipline in the workplace.

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